Celebrate Food.......Celebrate Life!!!

Bawarchi isn’t just about delicious food, it’s about delivering an amazing dining experience which we refer to as celebration of life. We offer the very best of Indian Cuisines covering various regions of India. Cooking from scratch is the norm at Bawarchi. Our art of fine cooking uses elaborate, traditional & authentic Indian methods to create our exquisite flavors while using high quality, high purity &locally sourced ingredients.

We proudly source locally raised, antibiotic & hormone free HALAL meats. Most of the ingredients we use are either organic or all natural. Our range of suppliers include Chaudhry Halal, Bytewise Organic & Pure Grain All Natural.


Food Karma - Giving back to the Community


We strongly believe in giving back to our local community. Here’s how you can contribute. Look for the Food Karma symbol next to the featured menu items & cocktails. With every purchase of these items, we donate $1 to the local charities.